Getting a call from a person you do not know or do not seem to recall can be scary. People these days can hide behind the safety of call anonymity to stalk you or even threaten you or your family. The call might also be innocent; like an old friend trying to re-connect. Either way, getting to know the identity of a caller is very important. From cell phones to landlines, there are different ways to track down an unknown or even blocked number.

For Cell Phones Use This:


For cell phones these days, there are a lot of applications for smartphones that let you know who is and calling. Some of these apps are; (which is the most commonly used), trap call, whoscall, just to mention a few, download these apps to find out who is calling you. Plus, apps like truecaller are free! There is also another way of unmasking blocked numbers that is by logging on to your phone’s web account and looking for the blocked numbers there. Cross reference the time the blocked number called with the time in your web account and you will find the number that has been calling you.

Landline Phones


For landlines, the first step here is to find out the location or origin of the number. You can do this, via Google the number, the public yellow pages or even social media. By doing this you may find information about that particular number posted by someone else. People who want to hide their identity from you will go to great lengths to do so, such as mask their voices, to make sure you do not find out who they are. Let’s face it, there are a lot of weird people out there. Taking advantage of the services provided by telephone providers to trace masked calls is another step.

The Step by Step Process


How it works: When an unknown caller calls you, hang up on them. Wait for about thirty seconds then pick up the receiver and dial *57. There are a few setbacks, though. It may not work for cell phones, the telephone provider will not hand over the stalker’s information because of the binding privacy policy of their company. What the telephone providers can do is forward the stalker’s number to the police, in case the stalker persists. Another service is the Last Call Return service. This service provides you with the last number that you called by dialing *67 when you get an unknown call. It will provide you with the caller’s number or even the address. When all else fails, you can hire a private detective or inform the police, especially when you feel threatened. Do not be afraid to contact the police. It is your right to live peacefully. If you would like to avoid going to the Police simply go to for a small fee you can get all the results you need.…