There are a million reasons why one would want to look up a phone number, including checking out someone that you met online, stalking an ex, or simply identifying an unknown caller or unfamiliar number that shows up on your phone bill.

The reasons range from extreme stalker-ish to perfectly reasonable and even safe! But once you establish the need to look up a phone number, how are you supposed to go about doing it? Do you just type the number into a google search bar and hope for the best? Although that is a possibility, the answer is no, and that’s what this article is here for: to teach you how to do a phone number look up.

How to Do A Phone Number Look Up:

Looking up a phone number isn’t nearly as complicated as it seems at first. Like I mentioned earlier, it IS a possibility to just do a google search for the number that you wish to look up, however, the results from that process are NOT RELIABLE.

If you want reliable results then you’re going to have to pay for them. I’ve done some research on how to do a phone number look up so you don’t have to! I’ll include a list of sites (and their prices) where you can go and research a number, and from there it’s simple! Each site will give you a search bar where you plug in the number that you wish to look up and it provides the information for you.

Almost all sites will give you the provider for the particular phone number’s service, but to get details including their name and address there will be a cost. The costs may change with time, so don’t take my word as law! What the price for the service with a particular provider today, might not be the price that you find tomorrow, so consider yourself sufficiently warned! (I also am not promoting any particular service or asking you to spend money, I’m just here sharing what I’ve found for those who are interested).

Where to Go to Do A Phone Number Look Up:

I’ll organize the list from cheapest to most expensive that I found, and I’ll tell you what is included with the price as well.

1. www.whoeasy.com ($2.95 per report)Who easy includes the owner’s full name, their current address on file, their location, and the carrier. They also provide confidentiality and security, the owner of the phone number will never be notified that you looked up the number, and your billing information will never be shared.

2. www.intelius.com ($4.95 per report) Intelius includes the owners name, age, address, possible relatives, historical locations, and their phone carrier.

3. www.ReversePhoneCheck.com ($4.95 for the first 5 days, and then $19.95 per month if not canceled)
Reverse Phone Check’s reports include the individuals name, address, e-mail, carrier, location, social profiles, any public records, any criminal records, property ownership, legal judgement.

4. www.whitepages.com $19.95 per 1 month including unlimited mobile and landline look ups, phone, address, and contacting details for anyone in the U.S, and unlimited court record searches $29.95 per 1 month premium membership with background checks added to the above services.

5. www.phonedetective.com ($14.95 for single report and $39.95 for membership for a year)The one time report includes a basic phone number search. It provides the name, line type, carrier and location.Membership provides unlimited people search and residential phone databases.

And that is how to do a phone number look up! Have Fun!